Teachers: The Core of Our School

"Here I am trusted. I can correct my own tests and there is respect between students and teachers.Coming here has given me courage in many areas." —6th grader (age 11)

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Having an excellent teacher to student ratio is the only way our emphasis on deep and authentic social and emotional learning is possible. Students are guided by caring and knowledgeable teachers and staff. Every staff member takes his or her responsibility for interacting with students seriously, and every staff member, no matter his or her role, holds equal importance in the lives of the students.

Our teachers are dedicated to the development of each child and are skillful practitioners of progressive education.

  • They are flexible, creative and attuned to student needs.

  • Our teachers place great emphasis on respect for individuals, for their similarities and for their differences, and on social consciousness.

  • They recognize individual learning needs and adapt lessons to provide multiple paths to learning.

  • They know how to engage students to be active participants in their learning and how to advocate for their needs.

  • They are practiced at asking questions that lead students to deeper understanding, to inquire, to experiment, to take a risk, to explore, and to think critically.

  • Peninsula teachers understand the essential role that joy and wonder play in learning.

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