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Peninsula School has a vibrant culture whose roots reach back to the school's founding in the heyday of the Progressive Education movement. The informal wisdom of this culture is both invaluable and elusive. Thoughtful discussion, effort, and collaboration culminated in the production of "The Peninsula Way" — a document offered here as a set of anchor points, recognizing that what makes Peninsula extraordinary can never be perfectly captured on paper.

This important study of Peninsula School graduates and alumni was completed in 2010 under supervision of the San Jose State University Lurie College of Education. It offers a thorough overview of the Progressive principles of Peninsula School’s program, and shows them in historic and current context. The study measures academic outcomes for Peninsula school students as compared with graduates of comparable public and charter schools in our area. This research paper illustrates the value of Peninsula School’s program for its graduates and alumni — both in terms of academic assessment and appreciation of learning.

"Why Do These Kids Love School?"
Documentary by filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman (alumni parent and grandmother) — available for purchase here


"Life on Two Levels"
by Josephine Duveneck — available online or in the Development Office


"The Coleman Mansion"
by Barney Young  — available in the Development Office