What Makes Peninsula Unique?

Several aspects make Peninsula unique among independent schools. 

A focus on learning: At Peninsula, we cultivate and celebrate intellectual curiosity and a love of learning. Our non-competitive environment supports student collaboration, positive risk taking, creativity, and intrinsic motivation. Students grow to see learning as a treasured opportunity and a lifelong, personal journey.

Multi-age groupings at the primary level: Children are placed into classrooms that focus on aligning their developmental and cognitive readiness with that of a particular peer group. Such multi-age groupings support children to see themselves as individual learners who are developing at their own pace.

Democratic learning is part of curriculum: In our classrooms, students are active participants in their learning and able to see their school experience in relationship to the outside world. Student voice, choice, and democratic decision-making practices are embedded in Peninsula’s model. We recognize children as community members, decision-makers, and creators.

Social-emotional development is as important as intellectual development: Our all-school focus on social and emotional learning cultivates self-awareness, empathy, and capacity for collaboration. Additionally, students are provided time to reflect on their learning. The relationships built at Peninsula often become lifelong bonds that support children across their lifetime.

The natural setting is part of the school experience: Peninsula’s spacious campus, filled with native trees and plants, invites students to discover aspects of the natural world in a school setting. Children participate in relaxed and unstructured play, developing an awareness of nature that cultivates their sense of place and the value of environmental stewardship.