Board of Directors

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Peninsula School is a 501c3 nonprofit entity governed by a Board of Directors. The School is graced with a dedicated group of seventeen members of the Board of Directors who take their responsibilities seriously.

A full Board includes five appointed members, two members elected by staff, and ten members elected by the school community. Elections are held yearly with terms lasting four years.  The Board oversees the Head of School and assures that the long-term strategic interests for the school are being served.

The Board has adopted committee charters and governance guidelines that, in conjunction with Peninsula’s bylaws, form the governance framework. The governance structure is designed to foster principled actions and effective, collaborative decision making.

Karin Heck, President, comes to Peninsula with a career spent in arts and education.  She has a M.A. in Arts Administration from Teachers College at Columbia, and has worked in management, marketing, and operations in a number of high-profile international cultural and educational organizations.  She has worked in some of San Francisco's leading cultural institutions, and is now working with Cantor, leading mission/vision/strategy/management work.  While living in New York, she taught at Columbia, ran an educational think tank, served as COO of AllLearn (the distance learning arm of Oxford, Stanford and Yale universities), and served on the board of her older daughter's preschool.  In London she worked with strategy, interim management and process changes in cultural organizations such as the British Museum.

Ulysses Hui, Vice President, grew up in New York, Tokyo, London, and Hong Kong before coming to the U.S. to go to boarding school at Andover, Massachusetts, then majored in Philosophy at Vassar College and got a law degree from Stanford Law School.  He is General Counsel at a Japanese tech company and was an intellectual property litigator representing various Silicon Valley tech companies for many years before that.  He has also been involved in pro bono legal work, leading initiatives and efforts on housing and immigrants' rights. Prior to private practice, he co-founded, directed, and managed a nonprofit youth entrepreneurship program in East Palo Alto, and, in past lives, was an investment banker in NYC and a chef in Jackson, Wyoming.  Personal Interests include music, cooking, the outdoors, and family time!

Alethea Van Hiller, Treasurer, along with husband Jesse, are parents to two little ones – a current Peninsula student, and another soon-to-be.  She is a Bay Area native, and has received a degree in Ancient History from San Jose State University, and an MBA from Santa Clara University.  A lover of numbers, she has spent the last 20 years working in various finance and accounting positions at high tech companies both big and small.

Matthew Girard, Secretary, and his partner Casey are parents of two Peninsula students, spanning East and West sides of campus.  He is a professional software engineer/geek and is himself the product of progressive education (sadly not Peninsula School, if only!) from New Hampshire.  When he isn’t in front of a computer, he enjoys climbing, camping, coffee, board games, and trying to pretend that yoga isn’t painful.  You may know him as "that guy who builds and runs the climbing wall at the Spring Fair every year".

Meg Shields Formato is a lecturer at Stanford University in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric and the coordinator for Stanford’s Notation in Science Communication. She holds a PhD in History of Science from Harvard and a BA in English from Amherst College.  Meg brings to the board a longterm commitment to understanding how independent schools can do a better job of listening to and meeting the needs of underrepresented students and families.  Within Stanford’s Leland Scholars Program, she mentors, teaches, and advocates for low income students and students who are the first in their families to attend college.  As a Peninsula parent, Meg’s contributions include co-chairing the Community Celebration & Auction in 2016 and 2017, serving as a member of the Community Diversity Committee, and co-founding Peninsula’s Families of Color Affinity Group.

Jacqueline Garcia grew up in Los Angeles and is a classically trained Ballet Dancer.  Before moving to the Bay Area, she worked for Estée Lauder and Ralph Lauren in New York. In 2010, she co-founded The Luna Park Arts Foundation in San Jose and has been involved in fundraising and Philanthropy for a number of years.  Most recently she consults for The Human Rights Campaign in DC and is an advocate for the homeless population in Santa Clara County.  She sits on numerous non-profit boards and is passionate about creating environments that value inclusivity and equity, especially as they pertain to education.  She and her family live in the South Bay, tending to their orchard and vegetable garden with their three cats, 37 hens, two roosters and a very big dog, named Jasper.

Jesse Gillispie has worked in education in a variety of capacities since 2003.  She has a Masters in Education from Stanford and a PhD in Education from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Prior to Stanford, she taught summer school in East Palo Alto.  At UCSB, she taught foundations of education courses and courses on language and diversity in education.  She worked as a teaching assistant in the department of Black Studies and spent three years in a local elementary school where she studied the relationship between student identity and everyday interaction in classrooms.  She has served as Secretary on the Board of Directors at the Menlo Atherton Cooperative Nursery School in Menlo Park and sat on the school's compensation committee and the hiring committee.  Currently, she chairs the Teaching English as Foreign Language program at the University of California, Santa Cruz in Silicon Valley.  When time allows she also teaches English at the Bechtel International Center at Stanford.  She is a mother of three and a current Peninsula School parent.

Jinnah Dylan Hosein and his wife, Megana, have been parents at Peninsula school since 2009.  Now with four children currently attending, ages 13, 11, 7, and 5.  Born in Kingston, Jamaica to Trinidadian and American parents, he was raised in New York and attended progressive schools in Manhattan and the Bronx.  He met Megana while they were both studying at Vassar College and they moved from New York to California in 2004 when he began working at Google.  Since 2014 he had worked at SpaceX as their Vice President of Software Engineering, and recently moved to Aurora Innovations, a self driving car startup in Palo Alto, to spend less time away from home.

Oli Petry, besides being a Peninsula parent, is an engineering manager at Netflix whose core values are amazingly similar to Peninsula School. He spends his days gathering feedback from partnering teams and analyzes data and provides context so that peers, direct reports and other colleagues can have all the pertinent information at hand to make the best decisions that have the biggest impact possible to the company.

David Quinn works as a facilities and operations professional in the biotech industry. David has been a Board member for the past eleven years, having served the school community as an involved and active participant and leader on not only the Board, but a number of committees as well, including Finance, Building & Grounds, and Strategic Planning. He served on the Executive Committee, as Vice President, Treasurer, and Board Secretary. David’s expertise and experience are essential for the Facilities Working Group. David’s two children are Peninsula alumni.

Allison Templeton has two daughters in the upper school and has been an active volunteer in the Peninsula community for the past decade, including as secretary of POP, as a class representative, and as the class representative coordinator.  Allison has a law degree from American University and has worked in both the private and non-profit sectors, most recently as a partner in a San Francisco litigation firm.  Allison’s community service reflects her passion for gender equity and leadership opportunities for girls.  She is a leader in Girl Scouts and supports fundraising for iSing Silicon Valley, a girls choir in Palo Alto.

Anu Sanghvi and her husband Pulin are proud parents of Sarina and Rohan, both at Peninsula.  Anu currently serves as a Trustee at Nassau Nursery School, Rohan's preschool in Princeton, NJ, where she previously also served as the Marketing Chair in the Parents Association.  Professionally, Anu has 20+ years of experience leading product teams to bring new ideas to flight, and creating magical experiences that transform lives.  In her spare time, Anu can be found writing poetry, Whatsapping with her friends all over the world, and planning her family's next travel adventure.

Ellen Wilkinson was an active member of the Peninsula community from 1997-2012 while her two children attended the school.  She managed the Spring Fair numerous times and loved the challenge of creating an engaging community experience and produced the Peninsula School Timeline Display to teach the community about the rich history of the school. Ellen piloted a successful home energy program with the Peninsula community in 2006/07 that ultimately motivated over 1000 bay area households to reduce their energy use.  She has a M.S., works in the environmental field, has served on numerous nonprofit boards and advisory committees, and loves to plant trees.

The current bylaws of the Peninsula Board as amended in 2013 and 2018 may be found here.