Giving For Tomorrow

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Peninsula School invites you to make a gift that will support the school’s long-term financial health and ensure the rich tradition of a Peninsula education for generations of students to come.


If you are interested in naming Peninsula School as a beneficiary of your will, charitable trust, retirement account, or life insurance policy, please use the legal name of our organization, “Peninsula School Ltd. of Menlo Park, CA”.

Please be aware that the most useful and versatile gifts for Peninsula School are those which are designated as “unrestricted”. Unrestricted gifts can be targeted towards the most pressing and critical needs at the school during any given time. If you are interested in designating your bequest towards a specific purpose, please contact the Development Office in order to ensure that we will be able use your gift as specified.

The school kindly requests that you notify the Development Office of your intention to include Peninsula in your estate plans, so that we may include you in our Duveneck Legacy Society.


The Eighth Grade Commemorative Fund is an endowed fund created exclusively for families of graduating eighth graders to honor their child’s Peninsula journey. The goal of the fund is at the heart of Peninsula’s values - supporting the School’s commitment to affordability and accessibility for both students and teachers.

Keeping Peninsula School financially affordable for:

  • families by offering financial support for tuition and other school-related expenses
  • our staff by maintaining competitive and livable compensation and benefits

Continuing to honor all of the differences that enrich our community through support for initiatives to make the school culturally accessible, supportive and welcoming to families and staff


The Peninsula School Endowment and Trust Fund (PSE&TF) was established in 1970 by forward-thinking Peninsula parents to provide a permanent trust fund which will grow over the years and in time furnish a broad financial base for the support of Peninsula School. Over 50 years later, with a current endowment of $1 million, every year the PSE&TF draws makes a substantial annual contribution to support the operations of the school. Current parents can contribute to this fund annually by marking the designated box on each year’s enrollment contracts.

We deeply appreciate your investment in the long-term health and well-being of the school.

Wills / Bequests

For many Peninsula students and their families, the joy and benefit of a Peninsula education is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Designating Peninsula School as a beneficiary of your will or trust is a beautiful way to honor the value of that educational experience, while helping to make it possible for generations of students to come.

See sample Will and Bequest language.

Benefit to donor: Keep assets fluid and defer the gift until after your lifetime at which point you can qualify your estate for a charitable deduction.

charitable remainder trusts

With a Charitable Remainder Trust, you irrevocably transfer assets to a trustee and arrange for payments to be made to you as the donor or your beneficiaries for a certain term of years (maximum of 20) or until the end of your (or another’s) life.  Income is payable either in fixed or variable amounts depending upon the type of remainder trust that you establish (i.e., Annuity Trust or Unitrust).  The amount of income you or your beneficiaries are able to receive depends, in part, upon your age or the age of your beneficiaries. Upon the termination of the trust, Peninsula School receives the remainder of the assets.

Benefit to donor: Create a lifelong revenue stream for you or your beneficiaries while receiving an immediate tax deduction; achieve income tax deferral on sale or transfer of appreciated property.

charitable lead trusts

With a Charitable Lead Trust, you irrevocably transfer assets to a trustee and arrange for payments to be made to Peninsula School at an agreed upon rate for a certain term of years or until the end of your (or another’s) life.  At the end of the term of the trust, the assets are transferred back to the donor or to a designated beneficiary (or beneficiaries).

Benefit to donor: Reduce gift and estate taxes on assets passing to heirs.

life insurance

A simple way to benefit the school is to name Peninsula School Ltd. of Menlo Park, CA as a beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy.  To achieve additional estate tax and/or income tax planning benefits, you might also consider transferring ownership of the policy to the school as well.   Through such a transfer, you can potentially obtain an income tax deduction not only for the present cash value of the policy but, with proper planning, the future policy premiums you pay.  

Benefit to donor:  Make a large-impact gift at relatively small or no cost to yourself. Possibly obtain current income tax deductions.  Such a transfer could exclude the policy from your estate, providing estate tax savings to your heirs.  

retirement accounts

You can name Peninsula School Ltd. of Menlo Park, CA as a beneficiary of your individual retirement account (IRA), 401(k), 403(b), Keogh plan, employer retirement plan, or other qualified pension plan.

Benefit to donor: Avoid the twofold taxation (i.e., estate tax and income tax) on retirement plan assets. With proper planning, designating Peninsula School as a beneficiary can provide benefits to the school and significant tax savings to the beneficiaries of your estate.



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