Equity and Inclusion



Diversity is one of the foundation stones upon which Josephine and Frank Duveneck built Peninsula School. Their vision of equal opportunity and access for all was shaped by the practices and principles of non-violence and social justice, ideas central to our school’s philosophy. As modern educators, we are called upon to provide excellence within our programs. Diversity expands, illuminates, challenges, and benefits our students’ education. To support our school over time we stand committed to self reflection, on-going effort, and the long-range vision of a diverse community.


We define diversity broadly. We recognize the significance of race, gender, socio-economics, and include any facet of identity that affects the experience of whole groups of people. These facets may be shaped by discrimination, prejudice, unequal access and/or opportunity, privilege, or entitlement. We are committed to operating with the understanding that each member of our community is a steward of that community.


Interconnectedness is our strength. We recognize both the importance and the metaphoric value in likening our community to a healthy ecosystem, teeming with biodiversity—a key component to a sustainable future. We want all our students to develop cultural competency, so that they become skilled participants in shaping global society. This requires the student to see multiple truths and many socio-cultural perspectives, to question assumptions, and to critically examine the ever-evolving world. Integrating this world view as much as possible creates a vibrant and enriching educational environment for students, staff, parents, and extended community.


Peninsula School is dedicated to the education of the whole child with an emphasis on social and emotional development, critical thinking, academic excellence, and the arts. A Peninsula education promotes lifelong learners, creative thinkers, and civic leadership. Through inclusion, transformational culture evolves.


Peninsula School does not discriminate in the enrollment of students or hiring of staff on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, gender expression, gender identity and sexual orientation, political belief or marital status. Any concerns relating to this matter should be directed to the Head of School at (650) 325-1584.