Peninsula School offers year-round, before and after school Childcare programs for all children enrolled at Peninsula School.  All children must be potty-trained.


Monday–Friday from 7:30–9:00am, all ages


Monday–Friday 12:30–5:30pm; and 3:00–5:30pm.

Childcare is also available by arrangement for Staff In-Service days, half-day parent/teacher conference days, and during Peninsula Summer sessions.

Vacation Childcare is a full-day program that operates during all school breaks except observed holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.

The Childcare program day ends for children at either 3:00 or 5:30pm. Please note that we have a $2.00 per minute late fee for children who are picked up late.


Many years ago, Peninsula School staff carefully and thoughtfully considered the addition of full time Childcare to our Peninsula School program. They agreed to have it be a part of our children’s day.  They appreciated the value of children being able to stay in the same place while their parents worked, and wanted it to be a positive experience for them.  So, we considered our own childhoods, and remembered how we would play after school in our neighborhoods with friends and siblings. We directed our own play, but we were supported and protected by parents and neighbors who kept a watchful eye on us. They were available for support and most importantly, kept us safe setting boundaries and limits. This became the model for our Childcare program. Children stay within the boundaries of the Childcare location unless a parent or staff member accompanies them. Within that area, they have the opportunity to choose their own activities with the support and encouragement of the Childcare staff.

Childcare is provided to all students who attend Peninsula. Some parents choose to use Childcare on a regular bases. Childcare is staffed according to the number of students who are expected to attend each day. State laws determine staffing ratios and we adhere to those ratios and all of the other guidelines that allow us to maintain our Childcare license and operate a legal Childcare operation.